Frequently Asked Questions: Facts You Should Know about Azithromycin before Its Intake

Zithromax is an effective and highly appreciated medication that belongs to a group of universal antibiotics. The main action is stimulated by the active ingredient of the drug – Azithromycin. To activate the required effect and eliminate dangerous symptoms of bacterial infection, the drug should be used in accordance with vital safety issues mentioned below.

What are the indications for the drug use?

Zithromax capsules are approved to possess top-notch antibiotic properties. Consequently, the remedy can improve a range of infectious disorders provoked by bacteria. Most commonly, the treatment is prescribed to patients, who are affected by sexually transmitted disorders, ear infections, respiratory infections, skin disorders, etc. Additionally, your healthcare specialist may advise the treatment for other health problems.

Is Zithromax safe?

As any other medication, Zithromax is completely safe if used following the prescription of a healthcare provider and safety notes mentioned in the guide. Any drug misuse or overuse can launch undesirable and dangerous side effects and complications.

What are Zithromax contraindications?

The medication is not approved for patients, who are sensitive to Azithromycin and other components of the drug. Besides, you should avoid the medication intake if you are allergic to Telithromycin, Erythromycin, Clarithromycin and similar treatments. People with liver disorders, stimulated by Azithromycin, should also avoid the drug use.

What precautions are important to take into account during the treatment course?

Keep in mind that Azithromycin can cause severe reactions if misused. Azithromycin and breastfeeding have a special relation, since the component can pass into the breast milk, triggering harmful influence on the health of a nursing child. Pregnant women are also contraindicated for the antibiotic use.

How should I use the remedy for the maximal advantageous effect?

Your doctor should be aware of other illnesses you have, especially myasthenia gravis, heart complications, kidney or liver impairments and others. Follow the adjusted dose and length of the treatment course to experience top results. Administer Zithromax in accordance with safety considerations, depending on the drug type and form you have chosen.

Are there medications which may interact with Azithromycin?

Blood thinners, Nelfinavir and a range of other pharmaceuticals may cause aggravating abnormalities if used together with Zithromax. Warn your doctor about other prescription or non-prescription drugs you use to avoid sudden complications.

Can Zithromax and alcohol be combined?

Serious health disorders may appear if a patient uses alcohol during the treatment course. Stop alcohol consumption for the term of the therapy, since the action of the drug may be either decreased or completely eliminated. Additionally, you can experience severe abnormalities after such a mix.

What are the most common Zithromax side effects?

mptoms of severe skin reactions, stomach disorders, liver and kidney impairments, as well as other disorders may bother the patient after Zithromax misuse.